"I drifted into acting and drifted out.

Acting isn't everything. Living is."

Irene Marie Dunne  December 20.1898 - September 04.1990

American actress and singer 


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Leg Art
Leg Art

What's new - 05.22.15


- added a Chicago Tribune article from February 1942 titled "Serene Irene!"

about Irene on the set of "Lady in a Jam," and here are some of the mentioned  promo shots.


On a personal note: today is my website's 5th anniversary and it has been quite a trip!

Thanks to all the faithful readers!

1934 - promo shot playing badminton
1934 - promo shot playing badminton

What's new - 05.18.15


- added 7 publicities from 1934

What's new - 04.06.15


- added a gallery of screenshots of Irene presenting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to George Bagnall (1967)

publicity for "Never A Dull Moment"
publicity for "Never A Dull Moment"

What's new - 02.12.15


 - added 7 publicities from 1950

What's new - 01.26.15

- added a Motion Picture article from July 1932 titled "PARTED - But Happily Married"

publicity for 'Joy Of Living'
publicity for 'Joy Of Living'

What's new - 10.06.14


- added three photos from "Joy Of Living"(1938) and three from "High, Wide And Handsome"(1937)

What's new - 09.14.14


- added a Los Angeles Times article from April 20, 1951 "Irene Dunne Describes Charity as Key to Women's Services" "I want women to be individuals. They should not lean on their husbands' opinions ..."


 - and three misc. photos from 1951

What's new - 09.06.14

- added 5 photos from "My Favorite Wife" (1940) and 3 misc. from the same year


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