"I drifted into acting and drifted out.

Acting isn't everything. Living is."

Irene Marie Dunne  December 20.1898 - September 04.1990

American actress and singer 


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with Ricardo Cortz on the set of 'Thirteen Women'
with Ricardo Cortez on the set of 'Thirteen Women'

What's new - 02.09.16


  - added two photos each from "Back Street" and "Thirteen Women" (both from 1932), and six photos from "Show Boat" (1936)

publicity for 'The Great Lover'
publicity for 'The Great Lover'

What's new - 01.21.16


 - added the short article Dunne Luck (Screenland, July 1931). Obviously the success of the new arising star -"not beautiful but charming"  - took Hollywood utterly by surprise. 


and two photos each from "Cimarron," "The Great Lover" and "Consolation Marriage." 1931 was a busy year for Miss Dunne!  


publicity for 'Penny Serenade'
publicity for 'Penny Serenade'

What's new - 01.10.16



 - added 14 photos from "Penny Serenade"(1941)

What's new - 01.03.16


 - added a Silver Screen article from July 1935, "Irene Dunne 'Nucleus'"

Seemed to be the fitting title to start the new year at this website!



publicity with Alexander Knox
publicity with Alexander Knox

What's new - 11.23.15


 - added 7 photos from "Over 21" (1945)

publicity for 'Invitation to Happiness'
publicity for 'Invitation to Happiness'

What's new - 08.11.2015

  - added 6 misc. photos from 1939

with Alexander Knox
with Alexander Knox

What's new - 10.25.15


 - added a slideshow for "Over 21" (1945) and here is my review of this film. 



Just an info: Warner Archive just released "Sweet Adeline," "Never A Dull Moment," "Consolation Marriage" and "Ann Vickers." If somebody already watched it, I'd like to know about the picture quality of "Sweet Adeline" and "Consolation Marriage." Please, contact me!


still from 'The Awful Truth'
still from 'The Awful Truth'

What's new - 10.04.15


 - added 11 photos from "The Awful Truth" (1937)




New Movie Magazine, December 1932
New Movie Magazine, December 1932

What's new - 09.21.15


- added a new page reserved for fashion shots and publicities for magazines to the press section. 

What's new - 09.06.15


"Hollywood Diet New Style" (New Movie Magazine, April 1932)

"Miss Dunne's weekly program will keep you in good health and good humour."

What's new - 09.05.15

"Irene Dunne's Design for LIVING!" (Screenland, September 1941)

"Lovely star selects her contest winner and writes inspring advice to all home-makers in search of stimulating ideas!"

Well, without my knowledge I have been living all along according to Irene's "key color for a room rules"... have fun moving the furniture around and baking waffles! 


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