"I drifted into acting and drifted out.

Acting isn't everything. Living is."

Irene Marie Dunne  December 20.1898 - September 04.1990

American actress and singer 


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What's new  - 08.24.14


 - added a "Movie Classic" article from September 1935

What's new - 08.13.14


- added 7 photos from "Together Again"(1944)


with Charles Boyer
with Charles Boyer

What's new - 08.11.14


- added a gallery of screenshots from "Together Again"(1944); and The Irene Dunne Project isn't dead but just slow. Here is my review of "Together Again"

publicity for 'Lady In A Jam'
publicity for 'Lady In A Jam'

What's new - 08.01.14


  - added 10 photos from "Lady In A Jam" (1942)

in London
in London

What's new - 07.13.14 


 - added 9 photos from 1950 , all taken during Irene's stay in Europe.  

publicity for 'When Tomorrow Comes'
publicity for 'When Tomorrow Comes'

What's new - 06.28.14 


 - added 6 publicities for "When Tomorrow Comes" (1939)


What's new - 06.12.14


  - added a Motion Picture article from March 1937 that is way more interesting than its title. Irene Dunne on her on a "common-sense basis organized" career, about clever film career set-ups and sanity and comedy.

publicity with Alan Marshal
publicity with Alan Marshal

What's new - 05.15.14


- added 6 photos from "The White Cliffs Of Dover"(1944)

What's new - 04.26.14


 - added a "Motion Picture" article from September 1934. Irene Dunne  in person tells about "My Design for Living" and wouldn't you know, this lady is once again full of surprises... 


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