"I drifted into acting and drifted out.

Acting isn't everything. Living is."

Irene Marie Dunne  December 20.1898 - September 04.1990

American actress and singer 


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in London
in London

What's new - 07.13.14 


 - added 9 photos from 1950 , all taken during Irene's stay in Europe.  

publicity for 'When Tomorrow Comes'
publicity for 'When Tomorrow Comes'

What's new - 06.28.14 


 - added 6 publicities for "When Tomorrow Comes" (1939)


What's new - 06.12.14


  - added a Motion Picture article from March 1937 that is way more interesting than its title. Irene Dunne on her on a "common-sense basis organized" career, about clever film career set-ups and sanity and comedy.

publicity with Alan Marshal
publicity with Alan Marshal

What's new - 05.15.14


- added 6 photos from "The White Cliffs Of Dover"(1944)

What's new - 04.26.14


 - added a "Motion Picture" article from September 1934. Irene Dunne  in person tells about "My Design for Living" and wouldn't you know, this lady is once again full of surprises... 

1942 for Royal Crown Cola
1942 for Royal Crown Cola

What's new - 03.17.14


 - added 8 ads: 3 from the 30s, 3 from the 40s and movie ads from "Sweet Adeline" and "Show Boat"

What's new - 03.02.14


- added a Motion Picture article from July 1938, "She Gets Away With "Moider""  Kay Proctor on Irene's "stellar insubordination"

Just an info - 02.27.14 


Warner Archive just released "Show Boat." I am grateful that this classic found its way on DVD at last, but dissapointed that it's only a MOD Warner Archive disc. What about this rumored  blu-ray box-set with the three versions of "Show Boat?" 



What's new - 02.24.14


 - added the filmography entry for "A Guy Named Joe"(1943) and "Oh, Aunt Alice!" made the blog.

publicity with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
publicity with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

What's new - 02.17.14


  - added 12 photos from "Joy Of Living"(1938)

What's new - 02.16.14


 - added an article from the mag "Hollywood" from July 1938:

"No Sooner Said Than Dunne!"  James Reid on the impulsive sides of Miss Dunne including chasing cars and turning cartwheels... and the article offers yet another version of the elevator trip with Florenz Ziegfeld that ultimately brought Irene to Hollywood. 

February 1933
February 1933

What's new - 01.27.14


- added 7 covers from the 30s and 2 from the 40s


What's new - 01.18.14


  - added 7 photos from "Anna And The King Of Siam"(1946) and two publicities from the same year 

elegant as ever at Disneylnad
Elegant as ever at Disneyland

What's new - 01.15.14


Some additions to the TV page:


 - one publicity and a short article that explains Irene's part in this production  ,"'Playhouse of Stars' To Present Irene Dunne", to the entry for "Schlitz Playhouse"(1952)


 - a little trip down the TV memory lane "Irene Dunne Sparks Exhibit of New Cars" Irene provided the "charming and elegant thread of continuity throughout the show" (Easter Parade of Stars, 1954)


 - a photo gallery to the entry for Dateline Disneyland(1955); Irene christened the Mark Twain, the park's steamwheeler.


 - and two photos from "Go Fight City Hall"(1962)


And on a personal note - does someone have ANY of these Schlitz Playhouse appearances? If so, PLEASE contact me! :-)


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