"I drifted into acting and drifted out.

Acting isn't everything. Living is."

Irene Marie Dunne  December 20.1898 - September 04.1990

American actress and singer 


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Irene Dunne - "Lady of Luxury"
"Lady of Luxury"

What's new 09.24.16


- added the "Community Bond Drive Show" from May 1949, an all-star program launching the Treasury Department's Opportunity Bond. Irene as Mama Hansen from "I remember Mama."


And "Lady of Luxury" Screenland fashion shots from October 1940. 

What's new - 08.21.16


- added a gallery of screenshots from "Anna and the King of Siam"(1946)

And here is my review of this film. Some folks are gonna hate me! ;-)

October 1963 at the Notre Dame Stadium
October 1963 at the Notre Dame Stadium

What's new - 08.07.16


  - added five screenshots of Irene attending a football game in October 1963.

stepping with Frank at a party in the Palm Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel
The Griffins trying a step or two...

What's new - 07.24.16


- added 8 misc. photos from 1940

as Queen Victoria in 'The Mudlark'
as Queen Victoria in 'The Mudlark'

What's new - 06.09.16


- added an article on the production of 'The Mudlark' titled "The Widow of Windsor - Irene Dunne" ( 'The Australian Women's Weekly', September 1950)

and 6 new photos from 'The Mudlark'

What's new - 06.19.16


  - added a newspaper article titled "Historic Madison Gives World Celebrities of Modern Screen" (The Indianapolis Star, Oct. 18, 1931)

This press piece offers interesting information about Irene's musical education and offers a plausible story how she started her theater career. (Thanks to Walter Hamilton!) 





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