Title Release Date  Role  Studio  Available
Leathernecking 09.12.1930 Delphine Witherspoon RKO  
Cimarron 26.01.1931

Sabra Cravat-Academy Award nomination


Bachelor Apartement 04.15.1931 Helene Andrews RKO                   DVD(Spanish release)
The Great Lover 07.18.1931 Diane Page MGM  
Consolation Marriage 21.11.1931 Mary Brown-Porter RKO DVD(Spanish release)
Symphony Of Six Million 04.29.1932 Jessica RKO DVD
Back Street 08.28.1932  Ray Schmidt Universal DVD(Spanish release)  
Thirteen Women 10.14.1932  Laura Stanhope RKO DVD              
No Other Woman  01.29.1933  Anna Stanley  RKO  
The Secret Of Madame Blanche  02.03.1933  Sally Sanders  MGM  
The Silver Cord  05.05.1933  Christina Phelps  RKO


(Spanish release) 

Ann Vickers 10.06.1933  Ann Vickers RKO DVD(Spanish release)
If I Were Free 12.01.1933  Sarah Cazenove RKO DVD
This Man Is Mine 04.13.1934  Tony Dunlap RKO DVD(Spanish release)
Stingaree 05.25.1934  Hilda Bouverie RKO DVD
The Age Of Innocence 09.14.1934  Countess Ellen Olenska RKO DVD 
Sweet Adeline 12.29.1934  Adeline Schmidt Warner Brothers  
Roberta 03.08.1935  Stephanie RKO DVD
Magnificent Obsession 12.30.1935  Helen Hudson Universal DVD
Show Boat 05.14.1936  Magnolia Hawks Universal DVD
Theodora Goes Wild 11.12.1936  Theodora Lynn -Academy Award nomination Columbia DVD
High,Wide And Handsome 07.21.1937  Sally Watterson Paramount DVD 
The Awful Truth 10.21.1937  Lucy Warriner -Academy Award Nomination  Columbia DVD
Joy Of Living 05.06.1938  Margaret Garret RKO DVD
Love Affair 03.16.1939  Terry - Academy Award Nomination RKO  
Invitation To Happiness 06.07.1939  Eleanor Wayne  Paramount  
When Tomorrrow Comes 08.11.1939  Helen Lawrence Universal  
My Favorite Wife 05.17.1940  Ellen Arden RKO DVD
Penny Serenade 04.24.1941  Julie Gardiner Andrews Columbia DVD
Unfinished Business 09.12.1941  Nancy Andrews Universal  
Lady In A Jam 06.19.1942  Jane Palmer Universal DVD 
A Guy Named Joe 12.14.1943  Dorinda Durston MGM DVD
White Cliffs Of Dover




Susan Dunn MGM DVD
Together Again 12.22.1944  Anne Crandall Columbia DVD
Over 21 08.08.1945  Paula Wharton Columbia DVD 
Anna And The King Of Siam 06.20.1946  Anna Owens 20th Century-Fox DVD
Life With Father 08.15.1947  Vinnie Day Warner Brothers DVD
I Remember Mama 03.11.1948  Martha Hanson -Academy Award nomination RKO DVD
Never A Dull Moment 08.19.1950  Kay Kingsley Hayward RKO DVD(Italian release)            
The Mudlark

10.30.1950 GB release


US release 

Queen Victoria 20th Century-Fox  DVD(German release)
It Grows On Trees 09.02.1952  Polly Baxter Universal  

As herself


The Stolen Jools/The Slippery Pearls - 1931



Show Business at War - 1943

(documentary short - 20th Century Fox)


You Can Change The World - 1950

(documentary short - Cascade Pictures)

Notice: all of Irene's films but "Leathernecking" are available on a "from collector to collector" basis. For further information please contact me!


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