Bachelor Apartement - 1931

as Helene Andrews
as Helene Andrews

RKO - 77 minutes - US release 15.04.1931


Cast: Lowell Sherman (Wayne Carter), Irene Dunne (Helene Andrews), Mae Murray (Agatha Carraway), Norman Kerry (Lee Graham), Purnell Pratt (Henry Carraway), Ivan Lebedeff (Pete De Moneau), Charles Coleman (Rollins), Bess Flowers (Charlotte) and others


Director: Lowell Sherman, producer: William LeBaron, screenplay: J.Walter Ruben based on a story by John Howard Lawson, photography: Leo Tower,

costumes: Max Ree


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New York Times, 05.16.1931 "Miss Dunne is competent as Helene."


Variety, 05.20.1931 "Irene Dunne is best and offers the only real attempt at acting, but Sherman's direction nullifies any hope for the cast to show in advantage."  


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