This Man Is Mine - 1934

as Tony Dunlap
as Tony Dunlap

RKO - 76 minutes - US release 04.13.1934


Cast: Irene Dunne (Tony Dunlap), Ralph Bellamy ( Jim Dunlap), Constance Cummings (Fran Harper), Kay Johnson (Bee McCrea), Charles Starrett (Jud McCrea), Sidney Blackmer (Mort Holmes), Vivian Tobin (Rita), Louis Mason (Slim)


Director: John Cromwell, Producer: Pandro S.Berman, Screenplay: Jane Murfin based on the play "Love Flies Through The Window" by Anne Morrison Chapin, Musical Director: Max Steiner, Photography: David Abel, Art Director: Van Nest Polyglase and Carroll Clark 


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Notes: "This Man Is Mine" had the working title "Transient Love". Irene sings "When Apples Grow On A Lilac Tree". This film marks her first of a total of three screen teamings with Ralph Bellamy. The other two films are "The Awful Truth" (1937) and "Lady In A Jam" (1942).

"This Man Is Mine" is available as official Spanish DVD release.



New York Times, 04.13.1934 "Irene Dunne does very well by the role of Tony:"


Variety, 04.17.1934 "As a starring vehicle for Irene Dunne the picture is not precisely what a star might order. It would be unfair to state that Miss Dunne is secondary to other characters, but the fact is that the three feminine roles are of about equal importance...Miss Dunne is never negative or passive and she mixes a nice reasonableness with a nice yen for getting even."                        


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