Magnificent Obsession - 1935

as Helen Hudson
as Helen Hudson

Universal - 112 minutes - US release 12.30.1935


Cast: Irene Dunne (Helen Hudson), Robert Taylor (Robert Merrick), Sara Haden (Nancy Ashford), Charles Butterworth (Tommy Masterson), Betty Furness (Joyce Hudson), Ralph Morgan (Randolph), Gilbert Emery (Dr. Ramsey), Mickey Daniels (Billy, boy in Ford), Cora Sue Collins (Girl in park), Rolly Lloyd (Tramp), Charles Coleman (Butler) and others


Producer/Director: John M. Stahl, Sreenplay: George O´Neil, Sarah Y. Mason and Victor Heerman based on the novel by Lloyd C. Douglas, Photography: John J. Mescall and John P. Fulton, Art Director: Charles D. Hall, Costumes: Vera West


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Notes: This is Irene's first film after she left RKO. She prepared carefully for the role of the blinded Helen Hudson working with a blind consultant on how to walk and carry herself as a sightless person. Irene suggested Robert Taylor for the role of Robert Merrick and this successful loan out from MGM was just the needed boost for Taylor's career.In the year 1937 Irene and Robert Taylor reprised their roles in a radio adaptation of "Magnificent Obsession". In 1954 "Magnificent Obsession" was remade with Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson in the leads. As so often the case with Irene's films, this banned the showing of the 1935 version on TV for many years.  



New York Times, 12.31.1935 "Miss Dunne rises to what probably should be respectfully referred to as dramatic heights as the blind girl."

Variety, 01.08.1936 "Cast, cameraman (John Mascall) and the librettists, along with Director Stahl, rate all the bouquets coming their way for the combined good results of their total efforts."

Stage, 02.1936 "A fair translation of the sensational best seller...Irene Dunne...carries on in her quietly charming way, and almost pulls the film out of a limbo." 

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