Irene Dunne At Home - March 1950


Screen star Irene Dunne, who in private life is Mrs. Frank Griffin, and who in 1949 was awarded the Notre Dame Laetare Medal, awarded annually to an outstanding Catholic layman, is a resident of Holmby Hills, between Beverly Hills and Bel Aire, California. When the talented actress is not on location, or in the studio making a picture, she likes to stay quietly in her French Chateau home.

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A quaint old wishing well, complete with oaken bucket highlights this small informal garden on one side of Irene Dunne´s French Chateau in Holmby Hills, California. The floor of the garden is covered with moss grown bricks.

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Film actress Irene Dunne strolls along the driveway in front of her French Chateau home in Holmby Hills, California. The wealthy residential district is between Beverly Hills and Bel Aire.

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