Magazine Articles

Not always the most reliable source - especially when it comes to dates and biographical informations - those articles are nonetheless valuable reflections of Irene's status in Hollywood and her reception by the press. The fan magazines worked closely together with the film studios and allowed the moviegoer to have a more private glimpse at his favorite star hence correlating the star's on-screen image with his (or her) off-screen image.


In opposite to many of her peers, Irene never conceded a home story. She invited the press into her home but the amount of photographs taken is not really numerous, and obviously husband and daughter were out of question as photo subjects.

Through the years, Irene Dunne wrote a couple of magazine articles and answered - among many other things - how to stay normal and get along in Hollywood. These articles show a person of a refreshing soberness and with a definite sense of humor.  

Magazine articles in chronological order

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