Magazine Articles - the 30s

 - 1931 April, "Photoplay"

"Irene's Secret Marriage" by Ruth Biery

 - 1931 July, "Screenland"

"Dunne Luck" by Evelyn Ballarine

 - 1932 February, "Screenland"

"Ol' Man River's Stepchild" by James M. Fidler

'Irene Dunne is no water baby. Here's the reason - and a new slant on Irene!'

 - 1932 April, "New Movie Magazine"

"Hollywood Diet New Style"

"Miss Dunne's weekly program will keep you in good health and good humour."

 - 1932 June, "Saturday Evening Post"

"She Made A Hole In One" by Frank Conden

 - 1932 July, "Motion Picture"

"Parted - But Happily Married" by Janet Burden

 - 1932 August, "Photoplay" 

"Just a Nice Person, Eh?" by Evaline Lieber 

Why Irene Dunne is not "just a nice person"...

 - 1932 October, "The New Movie Magazine"

"The Girl Nobody Knows" by Reginald Tavinier

 - 1933 September, "Modern Screen" 

"Revealing The Life Of Irene Dunne" by Adele Whitely Fletcher

Picture Show July 1934
Picture Show July 1934

 - 1934 July 28, "Picture Show"

 "Behold We Live - Short Story," rather typical for mags of this time, the plot of "If I Were Free" - "Behold We Live" is the UK title - told in story form.

 - 1934 September, "Motion Picture" 

"My Design for Living" by Irene Dunne

 - 1935 July, "Silver Screen"

"Irene Dunne 'Nucleus'" by Helen Fay Ludlam

Irene and husband Frank Griffin
Irene and husband Frank Griffin

- 1935  August, "Modern Screen"

"My Husband Is My Best Friend" by Adele Whitely Fletcher

 - 1935 September, "Motion Picture"

"Irene Dunne Leads Two Lives" by Dorothy Calhoun

 - 1935 September, "Movie Classic"

"They All Like Irene!" by Jane McDonough

 - 1936 April, "Photoplay"

"This Is Really IRENE DUNNE" by Sara Hamilton - meet Mother Hen!

 - 1936 May, "Movie Classic"

"Spell of the River" by William F. French

 - 1936 July "Inside The Stars' Homes" by Betty Boone

Irene as hostess at a formal dinner, including recipes

Silver Screen November 1936
Silver Screen November 1936

 - 1936 November, "Silver Screen"

 "Projections - Irene Dunne" by Elizabeth Wilson

 - 1937 March, "Motion Picture"

"Discovering the Glamour in IRENE DUNNE" by Sonia Lee

 - 1937 June, "Screenland"

"The First True Story of Irene Dunne's Baby!" by Elizabeth Wilson

 - 1938 June, "Photoplay"

"The True And Tender Story Of Irene Dunne's Daughter" by Adele Whitely Fletcher

 - 1938 July, "Hollywood"

"No Sooner Said Than Dunne!" by James Reid 

James Reid on the impulsive sides of Miss Dunne. 

 - July 1938, "Motion Picture"

"She Gets Away With "Moider"" by Kay Proctor

"Because Irene Dunne Lives A Sane Life And Not A Three-Ring Circus, Hollywood Says She Gets Away With Murder"

Movie Mirror October 1938
Movie Mirror October 1938

- 1938  October, "Movie Mirror" 

"How Irene Dunne Found Sudden Riches"  by Kay Procter

 - 1938 November, "Motion Picture"

"The New Side to IRENE DUNNE" by Ida Zeitlin

 - 1939 May, "Photoplay"

"How Irene Dunne Succeeded Without Glamour" by Adela Rogers St. Johns


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