Irene Dunne on Radio - the 40s */**


The Lux Radio Theatre "Love Affair"

04.01.40 CBS

Sixty-minute adaptation, William Powell took over Charles Boyer's role.

Love Affair
Lux Radio Theatre, 04.01.1940 with William Powell
MP3 Audio File 14.1 MB

Hawaii Calls - 05.18.40 Mut

Irene was interviewed while on vacation in Hawaii.

The Lux Radio Theatre "Show Boat"

06.24.40 CBS

Irene, Charles Weininger and Allan Jones recreated their screen roles in this sixty-minutes adaptation of the film, musical director - Louis Silvers.


Show Boat
MP3 Audio File 79.2 MB


The Gulf Screen Guild Theater "My Favorite Wife"

03.23.41 CBS

Half-hour adaptation, Irene recreated her screen role, Robert Montgomery took over Cary Grant's part.


My Favorite Wife
The Gulf Screen Theater 03.23.1941
41-03-23 My Favorite Wife b.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.4 MB

Friendship Bridge - 05.20.41 NN

Program of the British-American Ambulance Corps featuring Irene, George Murphy and a group of British evacuees.

Your Happy Birthday - 05.23.41 NBC

Quiz show, Irene as guest.  

with Cary Grant at the Hollywood Bowl
with Cary Grant at the Hollywood Bowl

United Service Organization Benefit

06.29.41 CBS

Part of the $10 million drive to raise money for entertainment and religious facilities for enlisted men. Program was broadcast from the Hollywood Bowl. Irene and Cary Grant appeared in a skit together.


The Lux Radio Theatre "Unfinished Business"

10.06.41 CBS

Irene recreated her screen role, this time teamed with Don Ameche.  


Unfinished Business
Lux Radio Theatre 10.06.1941
01 Spur 1.mp3
MP3 Audio File 53.6 MB
with Cary Grant during the production of "Penny Serenade"
with Cary Grant during the production of "Penny Serenade"

The Gulf Screen Guild Theater "Penny Serenade"

11.16.41 CBS

Half-hour adaptation, Irene and Cary Grant recreated their screen roles.


Irene and Cary as hosts for servicmen and their partners
Irene and Cary as hosts for servicemen and their partners
Penny Serenade
The Screen Guild Theater 11.16.1941
Penny Serenade.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.7 MB

The Calvacade Of America "Cimarron" - 12.01.41

Thirty-minute adaptation, Irene recreated her film role. 


The Calvacade Of America, 12.01.1941
Cimarron Calvacade of America.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.5 MB


with Deanna Durbin and Maureen O'Sullivan
with Deanna Durbin and Maureen O'Sullivan
The San Antonio Light, 01.22.1942
The San Antonio Light, 01.22.1942

Hollywood's "March Of Dimes" - 01.24.1942 NBC ** New

Star-studded variety show produced and written by Arch Oboler in honor of President Roosevelt's 60th birthday and in favor of the infantile paralysis fund drive. 

Hollywood's March of Dimes
Hollywood's March of Dimes.mp3
MP3 Audio File 54.7 MB

Red Cross Show - ca. 05.42 NBC

Benefit for the Red Cross, among the appearing stars were Irene, Deanna Durbin, Bob Hope and Marlene Dietrich


The Lux Radio Theatre "Love Affair" - 07.06.1942

Irene and Charles Boyer recreated their screen roles.


Love Affair
Lux Radio Theatre 07.06.1942
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Stagedoor Canteen - 09.03.1942 CBS

WW2 variety program hosted by Bert Lytell. The guests were Irene, Orson Welles, Martha Scott, James Melton and Lou Holtz. Irene sang "I left My Heart On The Stage Door Canteen" with Melton and the servicemen audience. Irene gave a plug for buying war bonds.


The Lux Radio Theatre "To Mary, With Love" - 11.16.42 CBS

sixty-minute adaptation of the film from 1936 which starred Myrna Loy and Warner Baxter. Irene teamed with Ray Milland and Otto Krueger.  


To Mary With Love
Lux Radio Theatre 11.16.1942
MP3 Audio File 12.9 MB

with ventroloquist Edgar Bergen, dummy "Charlie McCarthy" and unknown guests
with ventroloquist Edgar Bergen, dummy "Charlie McCarthy" and unknown guests


The Charlie McCarthy Show

04.25.43 NBC**

Variety show hosted by ventroloquist Edgar Bergen and his alter ego  Charlie McCarthy. Together with Irene as guest they spoofed "Show Boat." Ray Noble and his orchestra and singer Anita Gordon provided the music for this show.

Charlie McCarthy Show
Charlie McCarthy 43-04-25 A Spoof On 'Sh
MP3 Audio File 6.7 MB
"Theodora Goes Wild" with Cary Grant
"Theodora Goes Wild" with Cary Grant

The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre "Theodora Goes Wild" 

11.29.43 CBS **

Thirty-minute program with Cary Grant


Front Line Theatre "Theodora Goes Wild" - 11.29.43

Irene recreated her film role, Cary Grant in the part originated by Melvyn Douglas.


Theodora Goes Wild
Front Line Theatre, 11.29.1943
Theodora Goes Wild.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.5 MB


Everything for the Boys "Lady Of The House" -01.25.44 NBC

Irene in an twenty minute adaptation of "Lady In The House"

The Goodyear Program "The Awful Truth" - 02.06.44 CBS

Thirty minute version with Walter Pidgeon in Cary Grant's part.

(Billboard - 03.18.1944)
(Billboard - 03.18.1944)

Original press text: "EVERYBODY'S HAPPY - Whatever script changes Irene Dunne has asked Walter Pidgeon to make in the radio adaptation of 'The Awful Truth' before putting it on CBS' The Star and the Story seem to be pretty agreeable to both of them. Miss Dunne, you remember played in the movie several years ago.

Information Please #28 - 04.29.44 AFRS

Quiz moderated by Clifton Feddiman, Irene and Deems Taylor as guests.

Information Please
Information Please 44-04-24 Guest - Iren
MP3 Audio File 27.1 MB

The Lux Radio Theatre "Penny Serenade" - 05.08.44 CBS

Sixty-minute version, this time starring Joseph Cotten in the part originated on screen by Cary Grant.

Penny Serenade
Lux Radio Theatre 05.08.1944
MP3 Audio File 12.5 MB

Command Performance #152 - 12.02.44 AFRS **

This war-time variety program was hosted by Irene. The illustre guest list included Jimmy McHugh, Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer, Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen and Jerome Kern. Each of them was presented with one song, with Irene taking over the Jerome Kern song and performing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." The other songwriters were supported by Connie Haines, the Hoosier Hot-Shots and the Pied Pipers. 

Command Performance #152
Command Performance 44-12-02 (152) Irene
MP3 Audio File 6.9 MB

Canada War Bonds Show - 1944

Irene recited Alice Duerr Miller's poem "The White Cliffs", the basis for Irene's film "The White Cliffs Of Dover"


America's Town Meeting Of The Air - 03.45 ABC

Sixty-minute forum moderated by George Denny. Irene, Eddie Cantor, and Dr.Smith as guests.

The Calvacade Of America  "Doctora In Mexico" 

04.16.45 NBC

Irene in a half-hour drama about Dr.Katherine Dale

Doctora In Mexico
The Calvacade Of America 04.16.1945
Doctora in Mexico.mp3
MP3 Audio File 9.0 MB

America's Town Meeting Of The Air - 09.45 ABC

Irene introduced as guest in the audience


The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre "Over 21" 

02.18.46 CBS

Half-hour adaptation with Irene and Alexander Knox repeating their screen roles. 


Over 21
The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre 02.18.1946
Over Twenty-One.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.7 MB

Academy Award "White Cliffs Of Dover" - 09.18.46 CBS

Half-hour adaptation of the film

The White Cliffs Of Dover
Academy Award Theater 09.18.1946
Academy Award Theater 46-09-18 The White
MP3 Audio File 26.9 MB

The Lux Radio Theatre "Together Again" - 12.09.46 CBS

Irene reprising her film role with the support of Walter Pidgeon in the Charles Boyer role.

Together Again
Lux Radio Theatre, 12.09.1946
MP3 Audio File 12.3 MB

The Charlie McCarthy Show - 12.22.46  NBC

Irene as guest on the variety program.

with Rex Harrison during the radio production of "Anna And The King Of Siam"
Irene and Rex Harrison check film while waiting for the broadcast.


The Lux Radio Theatre "Anna And The King Of Siam" 

01.20.47 CBS

Irene and Rex Harrison recreated their film roles.


Anna And The King Of Siam
Lux Radio Theatre 01.20.1947
01 Spur 1.mp3
MP3 Audio File 52.8 MB

"Bob Elsen on the Century" - 01.24.1947 - MUT ** New

For this radio show Bob Elsen interviewed travelers on the famous railroad train "Twentieth Century Limited." Irene and Harry Wisner as guests.

Bob Elsen on the Century
Bob Elson On The 20th Century Limited 47
MP3 Audio File 5.6 MB

The Family Theatre "J. Smith And Wife" - 02.27.47 Mut

Thirty-minute drama starring Irene, Bing Crosby and Dana Andrews. Irene was a regular guest on this program and hosted it occasionally. 

J.Smith And Wife
The Family Theatre 02.27.1947
Family Theater 47-02-27 (003) J Smith an
MP3 Audio File 39.8 MB

The World's Greatest Mother - 05.11.47 Mut

Thirty minute program honoring the Virgin Mary - with Irene,Loretta Young, Ethel Barrymore, Ruth Hussey, Rosalind Russell, Charles Boyer, George Murphy, Pat O'Brien, Margaret O'Brien, Don Ameche, Bing Crosby and Meredith Willson's Orchestra.The program was broadcast on Mother's Day.

The Family Theatre "Our Lady's Juggler" - 12.25.47 Mut

Irene hosted this thirty-minute program which starred John Nesbit and John Charles Thomas. 


The Camel Screen Guild Players "Brief Encounter" 

01.26.48 CBS

Thirty-minute adaptation of Noel Coward's play "Still Life", starring Irene, Herbert Marshall and Tom Conway.

Brief Encounter
Screen Guild Theater 01.26.1948
No introduction, Irene is teamed with Herbert Marshal
Brief Encounter.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.2 MB

The Louella Parsons Show - 03.07.48 ABC


1948 - NBC press photo
1948 - NBC press photo

The Calvacade Of America "Queen Of Heartbreak Trail" 

05.17.48 NBC

Half-hour story about Alaska


Queen Of Heartbreak Trail
The Calvacade Of America 05.17.1948
Queen of Heartbreak Trail.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.8 MB

The Theatre Guild On The Air "Reflected Glory" **

05.30.48 ABC

Irene starred with Roger Pryor and Audrey Christie in George Kelly's comedy. 

Short article on this radio show

Cal York's - 06.48

Irene as guest while in New York 

The Lux Radio Theatre "I Remember Mama" 

08.10.48 CBS

Irene, Barbara Bel Geddes and Oscar Homolka recreated their film roles - sixty-minutes adaptation.

I Remember Mama
Lux Radio Theatre 08.30.1948
The first minute of the broadcast is lacking.
I Remember Mama.mp3
MP3 Audio File 9.7 MB

Hallmark Playhouse "Cimarron" - 09.09.48 CBS

Thirty-minute adaptation

Hallmark Playhouse 09.09.1948
Hallmark Playhouse 48-09-09 (014) Cimarr
MP3 Audio File 14.2 MB

The Family Theatre "Gramps" - 09.30.48  Mut **

Irene hosted this broadcast with Una Merkel, Victor Moore and Henry Blair.

This audiofile is not 100% okay.It did not play on a mp3 player but it worked with VLC Player or Windows Media Player.
Family Theater 48-09-30 (086) Gramps.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.5 MB

The Calvacade Of America "Bryant's Station" - 10.25.48 NBC

Thirty-minute drama

Bryant's Station
Calvacade Of America, 10.25.1948
Bryant´s Station.mp3
MP3 Audio File 12.5 MB

Dewey-Warren Bandwagon Show - 11.01.48 CBS,NBC

Irene made a speech, sang and appeared in a playlet in this a hour long political program. The all-star cast included Robert Montgomery, Lionell Barrymore, Jeanette MacDonald, Frank Morgan, Bud Abbott and Lou Castello, Ray Milland, Zasu Pitts and others. At the end of the program Republican Presidential candidate Thomas E.Dewey gave a five-minute speech.  


The Louella Parsons Show - 01.02.49 ABC

Irene was interviewed and sang the lullaby from "I Remember Mama"

We, The People - 01.18.49 CBS

Irene gave "We, the People" speech about American intolerance as she was honored by the National Conference Of Christians And Jews.

The Theatre Guild On The Air "The Late Christopher Bean"

01.30.49 ABC

Drama starring Irene and Thomas Mitchell.

The Screen Director's Playhouse "Magnificent Obsession" 

02.13.49 NBC

Thirty-minute adaptation of the film from 1935, broadcast in favor of the Heart Association, a day before nationwide started the "National Heart Week". Irene was women's chairman of the Heart Association around that time and spoke shortly in behalf of it.   

Magnificent Obsession
Screen Director's Playhouse 02.13.1949
Magnificent Obsession.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.9 MB

The Calvacade Of America "Citizen Mama" - 04.04.49 NBC **

Half-hour broadcast with Irene recreating her character Martha Hanson from "I Remember Mama". At last "Mama" and "Papa" apply for American citizenship! 

Citizen Mama
The Calvacade of America, 04.04.1949
MP3 Audio File 38.6 MB

The Triumphant Hour "A Special Rosary" - 04.17.49 Mut

Easter program with the participation of Irene, Ether Barrymore, Dan Dailey, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante, Rosalind Russell, Loretta Young, Robert Ryan, Lizabeth Scott, Dean Stockwell, Father Patrick Peyton and others. 

Family Theatre "Tommy Malone Comes Home" - 04.25.1949 **

Irene as hostess for this broadcast starring James Cagney and his sister Jean.

Tommy Malone Comes Home
This audiofile is not 100% okay. I did not play on a mp3 player but worked with VLC Player or Windows Media Player.
Family Theater 51-04-25 (217) Tommy Malo
MP3 Audio File 6.7 MB

Community Bond Drive Show - 05.16.49 all networks

All-star program launching the Treasury Department's Opportunity Bond.

Stars included Irene, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, Lionell Barrymore, Jo Stafford, Edward Arnold, Edward G.Robinson, Esther Williams, Gene Kelly, Alan Ladd, Red Skelton, Frank Sinatra and others.

MP3 Audio File 13.7 MB

The Lux Radio Theatre "Anna And The King Of Siam"

30.05.49 CBS

Sixty-minute adaptation - James Mason played the part orginated by Rex Harrison.


The Screen Guild Players "Together Again" 

06.16.1949 ** New

Irene in a radio adaptation of her film from 1944, and once again teamed with Walter Pidgeon in the role orginated by Charles Boyer.

Family Theatre "Robert Of Sicily" - 08.24.1949 Mut **

Irene as hostess and narrator for this program starring Raymond Burr.  

Robert Of Sicily
This audiofile is not 100% okay. It did not play on a mp3 player but it worked with VLC player or Windows Media Player.
Family Theater 49-08-24 (132) Robert of
MP3 Audio File 6.6 MB

Fibber McGee and Molly - 09.13.49 NBC **

One hour program celebrating the 15th anniversary of the show, Irene as guest. Other guests included Alice Faye, Robert Young, Perry Como, Bob Hope.  

Fibber McGee And Molly 49-09-13 Fifteent
MP3 Audio File 81.7 MB

The Prudential Family Hour Of Stars "Love Affair"

10.02.49 CBS **

Half-hour adaptation, first show of the '49 season; Irene was announced as one of the six rotating stars of the show.

during the production of "Mr. Blanding Buidls His Dream House"
during the production of "Mr. Blanding Buidls His Dream House"

The Lux Radio Theatre "Mr.Blanding Builds His Dream House"

10.10.49 CBS

Sixty-minute adaptation, Cary Grant recreated his screen role, Irene took over Myrna Loy's part. 

Mr.Blanding Builds His Dream House
MP3 Audio File 76.6 MB

Hallmark Playhouse "Bride Of Fortune" - 11.10.49 CBS

Half-hour broadcast 

Bride Of Fortune
Hallmark Playhouse 11.10.1949
Bride Of Fortune.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.2 MB

The Prudential Family Hour Of Stars "The Barrets Of Wimpole Street"

11.27.49 CBS

Thirty-minute drama, adaptation of the film from 1934 starring Norma Shearer and Frederic March. 

*all info from "Irene Dunne - A Bio-Biobliography" by Margie Schultz

**added and/or edited entries  



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