Irene Dunne on Radio - the 50s */**


The Prudential Family Hour "Eliza" - 01.08.1950 CBS ** New

Irene in a story about frontier life in the Pacific Northwest

The Prudential Family Hour "Mrs. Parkington" 

02.19.1950 CBS ** New

Irene in a radio-adaptation of the role orginated by Greer Garson on the screen. 

Hallmark Playhouse "The Story Of Florence Nightingale"

10.05.50 CBS

Thirty minute drama about the famous nurse 

The Screen Director's Playhouse "My Favorite Wife" 

12.17.50 NBC

Sixty-minute adaptation, Irene and Cary Grant recreated their screen roles

My Favorite Wife
The Screen Director's Playhouse 12.17.1950
My Favorite Wife.mp3
MP3 Audio File 13.9 MB

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood - 12.17.1950 **

Irene as special guest on Hedda Hopper's 30 minutes radio show. Irene used her Norwegian accent from her role as Martha Hanson in "I Remember Mama" to talk about how to make the U.S. perfect, and sang "Wishing" from "Love Affair". Hedda promoted the upcoming release of "The Mudlark."

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood 12.17.1950 with
different guest stars
Hedda Hoppers Hollywood 501217 10 Irene
MP3 Audio File 12.7 MB


Hallmark Playhouse "Joy Street" - 04.12.51 CBS

Thirty-minute broadcast

Joy Street
Hallmark Playhouse, 04.12.1951
Hallmark Playhouse 51-04-12 (123) Joy St
MP3 Audio File 13.7 MB

The Screen Guild Players "Together Again" - 05.03.51 ABC

One-hour program, Irene and Charles Boyer recreated their screen roles.

The Lux Radio Theatre "The Mudlark" - 08.27.51 CBS

Sixty-minute adaptation of Irene´s film 


Bright Star - serial NBC **

52 episodes starring Irene and Fred MacMurray about a small town newspaper the "Hillsdale Morning Star"-Irene as owner of the newspaper, Fred MacMurray as reporter.The dates for the premiere of this show vary a lot depending on the source of the log. About 30 of this shows are available from Here is an article on the production of "Bright Star".

During the production of "Bright Star"

Special Program - "Our Flag" 05.14.1952 WIBA/KFI **  New

A special program with President Truman, Madison high school seniors and Irene. Excerpts from commencement ceremonies from the East,Central and West high schools were broadcast. President Truman spoke about "The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy." 

Irene was featured in the "Our Flag" program with Frank Lovejoy and Lieut. Col. John L. Clark.

The Screen Guild Players "Over 21" - 06.29.1952 ** New

Irene in a radio adaptation of her film from 1945, Carey MacDonald took over Alexander Knox' part.

Family Theatre "Crossroads Of Christmas" - 12.17.1952 MUT **

Irene hosted this Christmas story with Rita Johnson and Victor Jory.

Crossroads Of Christmas
Family Theatre 52-12-17 (297) Crossroads
MP3 Audio File 5.8 MB


Hallmark Playhouse "January Thaw" - 01.11.53 CBS **

Thirty-minute broadcast with Lionel Barrymore as host. Irene as "Margie" one part of a couple who buys a New England cottage and discovers that it has a flaw - and a human flaw at that.


January Thaw
Hallmark Playhouse 53-01-11 (200) Januar
MP3 Audio File 13.7 MB

The Calvacade Of America "The Short Straw"- 02.03.53 CBS **

Half-hour drama about Navy Nurse Ann A. Bernatitus who served at Bataan and Corregidor and was awarded with the Legion of Merit in October 1942.


The Short Straw
MP3 Audio File 13.5 MB

General Electric Theatre "Penny Serenade" 

07.23.53 CBS**  NEW

Irene in a thirty-minute adaptation of "Penny Serenade" which is rather different from the film.


Penny Serenade
General Electric Theatre, 07.23.1953
MP3 Audio File 54.3 MB

The Lux Radio Theatre "June Bride" - 12.28.53 CBS

Sixty-minute adaptation of the film from 1948. Irene and Fred MacMurray took over the roles originated by Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery.

June Bride
Lux Radio Theatre, 12.28.1953
01 Spur 1.mp3
MP3 Audio File 42.6 MB


Heart Fund Of 1954

Fifteen-minute program with Irene, Eddy Arnold and the Pickens Sisters in favour of the Heart Fund.

Family Theatre "It's Not The Money" - 02.10.1954 MUT **

Irene as hostess for this programme featuring Barbary Stanwyck and George Nader. 

It's Not The Money
Family Theatre 54-02-10 (357) It's Not t
MP3 Audio File 6.8 MB

Family Theatre "The Coat" - 12.08.1954 MUT **

Irene as hostess for a programme with Gene Evans.

The Coat
Family Theatre 54-12-08 (399) The Coat.m
MP3 Audio File 6.9 MB

"The Awful Truth"


The Lux Radio Theatre

"The Awful Truth" 

01.18.55 NBC, AFRS

Irene and Cary Grant recreated their screen roles. 

"The Awful Truth" - the day of broadcast was Cary's birthday
"The Awful Truth" - the day of broadcast was Cary's birthday
The Awful Truth
Lux Radio Theatre, 01.18.1955
The Awful Truth.mp3
MP3 Audio File 51.6 MB


Family Theatre "The Ninth Floor Of The Plaza"

03.27.1957 MUT **

Once again Irene hosted a Family Theatre programme.

The Ninth Floor Of The Plaza
Family Theatre 57-03-27 (514) The Ninth
MP3 Audio File 7.0 MB


*all info from "Irene Dunne - A Bio-Biobliography" by Margie Schultz

**added and/or edited entries  


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