Irene Gives Big Party On TV Show

Irene Dunne admits that "my husband and I have always tried to keep our social life limited to small gatherings at home. So when they asked me to act as hostess for a television party, I flinched, gulped, and then asked, "For how many people?" Fifty or sixty million, was the reply. I think the shock alone made me say yes!"

 Miss Dunne, who had already entertained millions with her stage and screen performances over the years, is the ideal hostess, "because she always seems to have fun while remaining the perfect lady."

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So Exemplary is Miss Dunne's conduct, in fact, that it is surprising to learn that she was once "Involved in a bomb plot." Recalls Miss Dunne, "I was stopping at the Waldorf in New York and on returning to my room after a shopping spree, I somehow got off at the wrong floor -- the one on which the President was staying. It seems, there had been a bomb scare and when the security agents saw me get off the elevator with my hat box, they took me into custody and began firing questions. I finally had to prove that I was Irene Dunne, the hatshopper."

 This is probably the onetime in her life that Irene Dunne has ever been suspected of unladylike conduct. Born in Louisville, Ky., she was convent-educated there in St.Louis. While still a toddler, she began studying voice and drama.


(11.07.1959 - The Oneonta Star)


Irene Dunne Will Be Hostess to Big Party

Third of Specials Set for Channel 13 Showing Thursday

Irene Dunne will star as hostess of the third Revlon special at 8:30 p.m. Thursday when the guest list will include Pearl Bailey, Jack Carter, Les Charlivels and Gypsy Rose Lee.

 Others will include Dorothy Loudon, Cesare Siepi and Jule Styne.

 Each of the 90-minute specials is a celebrity party at the New York penthouse apartement or suite of the evening's host or hostess.

 Irene Dunne, a long-time favorite of stage, screen and television, is remembered for her numerous outstanding performances in such motion pictures as "Anna And The King Of Siam" and "I Remember Mama."

 Pearl Bailey, one of the nation's top jazz singers and comediennes, presently appearing in the hit movie "Porgy And Bess," is among the most sought-after guest stars in television, and comedy star Jack Carter is presently packing them in at New York's famous Latin Quarter.

 Les Charlivels provides a continental flavor for this third Revlon special. They will entertain Miss Dunne's guests and home viewers with multiple talents that run from music to gymnastics.

 Since retiring from the stage which made her so famous, Miss Lee has penned several books including her recent autobiography, which was made into Broadway's hit musical, "Gypsy."


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